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ied out. 'We command you,' said that prince, 'under pain of our high indignation, to put aside all human respect, to place God's glory solely before you, and, at the risk of exposing yourselves to the greatest perils, to make and order diligent search to be made.[47] Inform yours

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elves whether {25} in every part of your county the bishop executes our commands without veil or dissimulation. And in case you should observe that he neglects some portion, or carries out our orders coldly, or presents thi


s measure in a bad light, we command you strictly to inform us and our council with all haste. 'If you hesitate or falter in the commission we give you, rest assured that being a prince who loves justice, we will punish you w


ith such severity that all our subjects will take care for the future not to disobey our commands.' Everybody could see that Henry was in earnest, and immediately after this energetic proclamation, those who were backward has


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tened to make their submission. The dean and chapter of St. Paul's made their protest against the pope

on the 20th June. On the 27th the University of Oxford, in an act where they described the king as 't

hat most wise Solomon,' declared unanimously that it was contrary to the Word of God to acknowledge an

y superiority whatsoever in the bishop of Rome. A great number of churches and monasteries set their s

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